Where is/are the data-center located and do you own it?

We want to be clear and transparent with our customers. The data-center(s) are located in Germany, Finland and US Virginia (VPS location can be selected during ordering), they are are professionally managed by high-tech corporations using latest hardware from major manufacturers, on-site maintenance and hardware upgrades are not directly managed by us. We do rent high performance dedicated servers and configure everything for offering the services we do offer on Storage.AL. Having this setup ensures the uptime and great service for all our customers.

Why buying from you and not directly from the data-center?

Frankly speaking, only few companies owns the data-centers and it is very difficult to concentrate the business in the management of a data-center and web-hosting services at the same time. Thus, we do partner with the data-center by renting dedicated machines and offering web-hosting services on industry standard setup.

Who will offer the maintenance and the support?

All the services and support will be given by Storage.AL, all the responsibility about the service is of Storage.AL.

Which are the services you offer?

We currently offer: Domain Names, Cloud Storage Space, SSD Cloud VPS and Dedicated Servers.


Which virtualization technology Storage.AL uses?

We are using the latest technology in VPS deploying. The virtualization is complete cloud technology, delivering a high-end performance, similar to a dedicated machine. All our VPS are on SSD Server-Grade media drives.

How do I start my website if I already own the domain name?

During the VPS ordering you will be asked to provide the domain name that you will use (not required), please input the domain name and finalize the VPS ordering procedure. You will receive an email with details, you then can easily update your DNS record by pointing to your VPS's IP address. Contact us any time if you need more support.

What kind of access will I have on the VPS?

You will have full root access via SSH protocol, if you are on Windows machine, you can use PUTTY to connect to your VPS machine and control it.

Can I reinstall the operating system?

Yes, you can always start from scratch any time you like, we set no limits on how often you re-install your VPS. You can choose from major Linux flavors to reinstall your system in minutes and start from scratch.

With which Control Panel will the VPS be delivered?

We like very much clean systems, thus we don't install anything by default. You can always install a control panel of your choice, like CyberPanel (free), Webmin (free), CPanel (there is a license fee), etc.


Which payment methods do you accept?

Because we would like to offer an extremely safe environment for our customer's payment details, we accept PayPal payments without any additional fees for the paying customer.

Which details are stored on Storage.AL?

During the ordering of a product for the first time, you will need to input your name and e-mail address then you will be redirected to PayPal to finalyze the payment. We will only store your order details and the minimal required for your Storage.AL account setup. No paying details will be stored on Storage.AL, no card numbers whatsoever will be stored on Storage.AL. We will never share any customer information with third-parties neither will we advertise additional services.

Will I receive an invoice every month?

Yes, you will receive automatically the invoice every month, if you have setup a recurring payment via PayPal, the payment will be settled automatically, else you will have to make the payment manually, in both cases you will receive a payment confimation with all the payment details.

In which currency can I pay for the service?

It does not matter, the payment gateway will automatically make the conversion with the most recent conversion rate. However, the base currency is USD.

Is there any country restriction?

No, there is not any restriction country based.

I want to pay in an other method, what can I do?

Please contact us for bank transfers; because the international transfers do have some considerable fees we do not recommend it.


Can I order Domain Names, through Storage.AL?

Yes, we offer all major domain names extensions. The domain name is registered under your name and you are the owner of the domain name through the name on file. You can freely transfer the domain name away anytime for free. Exceptionally, we offer free DNS Management, Free URL/E-Mail Forwarding and Free WHOIS Privacy. All the features are manageable through your Storage.AL account.

Is there any support included?

If you are not experienced with web-hosting environment, we would recommend you to order shared hosting (if applicable) which has a standard setup and is easier for less experienced users. We will give all our support for helping to solve host-related issues and our expert advice for better running your web-service.

Do you offer web designing, maintenance and programming services?

Please, let us know what do you need.

How will be the performance of my VPS?

We can guarantee you that it will be excellent because we run on best hardware and we do never oversell.

What is the policy on "SPAM" and "unsolicited emails"?

We will dedicate to your VPS/Dedicated Server a (or more) new and clean IP (ipv4) address and we want it to remain clean, thus we do not allow SPAM. All network activity is monitored to ensure high quality service and protection from outside and vice-versa, thus, illegal activities are not allowed.

Is there any DDoS protection?

Our highly capable network can handle tons of requests without affecting services connectivity. All services are equipped with standard hardware DDoS protection. We recommend to filter connections and check weather suspicious IPs are connected from a long time and eventually drop these unwanted connections. It is recommended to use advanced DDoS protection like CloudFlare services for production environment.


Will I have an account on Storage.AL?

Yes, you will have your own secure account on Storage.AL where you can have all the services ordered through us. You can manage your Domain Names, Hosting Services and also the Help Desk system is integrated into your account.

Will every ordered service have its own account?

No, there is one account for each customer and all owned services will be manageable from the customer's account.

What account security you offer?

The connection with Storage.AL is always encrypted by SSL Certificate, this way the data transmitted between you and the website can not be read or altered. You should choose always a long and complicated password for protecting your account.

What kind of e-mails will I receive from Storage.AL?

You will always receive service related e-mails only, like invoices and communications.