Domain Names Pricing

Domain names pricing:

Use this list for reference only. Actual price can be check by searching for the specific domain.

Product USD per Year
.COM registration 11.69
.NET registration 15.59
.EU registration 7.75
.ORG registration 15.98
.IT registration 7.75
.FR registration 8.96
.PM registration 8.96
.TF registration 8.96
.WF registration 8.96
.YT registration 8.96
.INFO registration 3.89
.TEL registration 22.7
.US registration 9.75
.BIZ registration 16.56
.ME.UK registration 8.89
.UK registration 8.89
.CO.UK registration 8.89
.ORG.UK registration 8.89
.IN registration 12.99
.MOBI registration 18.19
.ASIA registration 15.59
.TV registration 42.89
.RE registration 9.11
.BE registration 7.51
.CO registration 33.79
.CC registration 48.75
.NL registration 14.95
.DE registration 6.72
.PW registration 10.39
.LA registration 38.99
.XYZ registration 6.49
.BAR registration 84.5
.ME registration 22.43
.CLUB registration 22.74
.GURU registration 35.09
.BID registration 32.49
.PRO registration 5.19
.CX registration 6.5
.SHOP registration 38.99

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